LUPENSPIEL – investigating museums as a game / museums through a magnifying glass
The “Lupenspiel” makes an exciting adventure of investigating museums for detectives regardless of their age. In a museum people of all ages have the opportunity of observing – or making discoveries of – a multiplicity of surprising things. For example, here at the museum you can find traces left by people who have visited the museum before you or especially valuable things.
You can purchase the “Lupenspiel” at the museum for CHF 3.00.


With the “Museumslupe” you can get to know 70 museums from all over Switzerland via digital media. The Bündner Kunstmuseum is among them too.

This children’s map of the city is an aid for traversing through Chur's historic centre to the three cantonal museums. On the way to the museums you will discover many exciting and surprising things. When you arrive at one of the museums, the discovery tour continues with games and riddles.

The children’s map of the city can be obtained free of charge at the museums or the tourist information centre located in the underpass of Chur train station.

PDF Children's map of the city

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